Your Guide to NAIT

The NAIT scheme is now mandatory for cattle and deer.

The scheme came into effect for cattle on 1 July 2012 and for deer, 1 March 2013.

Tag your cattle and deer:

  • Tag cattle and deer with a NAIT approved RFID tag before they are six months old, or before their first off farm movement
  • Cattle born before 1 July 2012 and deer born before 1 March 2013 have a three year grace period in which to be tagged, unless they are being moved off farm
  • White tags are for cattle and orange tags are for deer

Register with NAIT

  • Register your animals in the NAIT system within one week of being tagged
  • Registration links individual animals to tags in the NAIT systems so they can be traced

Record and Confirm

  • Sending cattle or deer off farm? Record the movement within 48 hours
  • Receiving cattle or deer? Confirm the movement within 48 hours
  • Sending animals to a NAIT accredited sale yard or meat processor? They will record the sending movement for you
  • Receiving animals from NAIT accredited sale yard? Confirm the movement

To learn more about tagging requirements and NAIT regulations click here.