Sheep Farmers

Zee Tags has developed a range specially designed for sheep, the range consists of electronic RFID tags as well as management tags.

Pedigree tags are both offered in RFID FDX (Full duplex) and as a non-RFID.

Pedigree tags: a superior tag specially designed for studs. The pedigree tag wraps around the animal’s ear enhancing retention and visibly. These tags offer a large printing area. Laser printing option is available for bold and defined characters.

The RFID option is available in 5 colours and the non-RFID is available in eleven. Learn more about Pedigree tags. click here Home/Products/tags/Pedigree Tags

PAZ pump action tags™. Only available as a non-RFID option, these tags have been designed for fast, easy and accurate tag application. The tags are supplied in strips of ten and can be loaded in less than five seconds into the PAZ pump action tagger™. With 13 colours available to choose from, sheep farmers have the option to laser print the tags with the sheep number and farm name, the result, bold and defined characters for better visibility. Learn more about PAZ pump action tags™.

Z1 no snag tags™. The Zee Tags one piece tag range. Commonly used for management purposes where tamperproof tags are not necessary. Available in three sizes (maxi, large and medium), the medium and the large sizes are the most popular within sheep farmers offering great levels of visibility. Learn more about Z1 no snag tags™.

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