"Tag retention has been superb..."

“Fantastic” is the best description of our customer experience and service from the Zee Tags team!

We are tagging in excess of 1000 dairy replacements annually with Zee Tag electronic NAIT compliant tags and Duramark calf identification tags across our dairy herds.

Tag retention has been superb, and combined with the new Z2 no tear tagger; we have a great and efficient animal identification process which is organised on each farm by the managers with a minimum of hassle and fuss!

The ease of applying both electronic and management tags with the Z2 no tear tagger, without having to alter the device to suit different tag types makes for a smooth and effortless tagging operation. The added bonus of no-tear tagging is a given expectation from this product range.

The contact and service from the team at Zee Tags makes this a company that we remember dealing with long after the tags have been applied. All tags purchased from our Rural retailer or our Herd Improvement Company receive that Zee Tags service and follow up that we have become so accustomed to!

And it always great to deal with a New Zealand owned business that is at the head of their field in innovation and competiveness!!

Alvin and Judith Reid
Reid farms group
South Canterbury

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