T-IS Glass Microchip

By Datamars

Key Features

  • Bio-glass transponder for unique pet identification
  • Easy and painless implantation
  • Syringe with "no return click system"
  • Totally passive, no battery
  • Compliant to ISO and Australian standards
  • Includes 6 adhesive barcoded labels
  • Supplied in disposal one-way syringe
  • Sold in boxes with 10 units
  • See technical data here

Product Featrures:

Material and description: bio-compatible glass, encapsulated microchip containing an individual, preprogramed ID code in accordance with ISO Standard 11784/11785 and Australia Standards.

Special feature: our standard microchip comes with a 12 gauge stainless steel needed with "no return click system"

Packaging: each microchip is pre-loaded into a ready-to-use disposable syringe sterilized by EtO gas and individually packed. Each syringe comes in an individually wrapped, sterile, peel-open, blister package. Each syringe includes six corresponding, adhesive barcode labels to simplify documentation and record keeping.