Industrial Tags

You can use any available tag in the Z Tag range as an industrial tag - see below for more details

Key Features

  • UV stabilizing compound protects the tags and prevents fading
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Comes in a variety of colours
  • Printing is available in different formats and you can print multiple lines on visual tags
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Visual Industrial Tags

The female piece of the "Two Piece Tag" is the most commonly used for visual identification as it's bright and can be printed with large text. This is also used in labelling power poles, oil tanks, dive equipment, machinery, key rings* and a wide variety of other uses.
Logos can be included.
*Rings can be added before shipping.

Small and Lightweight Tags

Our smaller tags are useful for identification even when size and space are limited. RFID is available in either HDX or FDX
  • Pedigree - RFID and Non-RFID, available in 6 colours
  • FET Tags - RFID and Non-RFID, available in 9 colours
  • PAZ Tags - Non RFID only, available in 12 colours
  • TagFaster Tags - RFID and Non-RFID, available in 9 colours