NAIT tags

Official Tags

Key Features

  • Greater than 99% retention as supported by trials
  • NAIT compliant
  • RFID FDX (Full Duplex) and HDX (Half Duplex) options available
  • Superior readability enhanced by the transponder being protected in epoxy resin
  • The flexibility of the male tag eliminates snaging
  • Designed to be loaded in any way into the Z2 no tear tagger™ without the risk of damaging the chip on application
  • Fast, easy and safe application
  • Apply with Z2 no tear tagger™
  • About the NAIT scheme

NAIT RFID tags for cattle

NAIT approved RFID tags for cattle both male and female must be white.
NAIT tags for cattle can be ordered through your retailer of choice or LIC. If LIC, please consult with your Customer Relationship Manager.
Apply with the Z2 no tear tagger™. See our tagging instructions and videos.


NAIT RFID tags for deer

The female portion for NAIT RFID tags for deer must be orange, and the male portion can be any colour except for white. Deer official tags can be coloured code by using male tags in any of the 12 colours available (except white).
Apply with the Z2 no tear tagger™. See our tagging instructions and videos.


Are your cattle NAIT compliant?

By 1 July 2015, all your cattle need to be tagged – this includes all cattle born before the NAIT programme became mandatory on 1 July 2012, even if they’re not leaving your property.

Exception: Calves only need to be tagged before they are six months old or before they leave your property – whichever comes first

NAIT tag options:

NAIT tags are available as a Birth ID and Replacement tags (formerly known as Traka tag). Both of these options are offered in HDX or FDX. Birth ID tags are ideal for tagging new born animals to ensure compliance with the NAIT scheme.
Replacement tags should only be used for animals that lose their existing NAIT RFID tag. Learn more about Birth ID and Replacement tags.


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