Pedigree tags

Key Features

  • Ideally suited for sheep, particularly stud applications and also suitable for goats and calves
  • Superior retention
  • Pedigree tags offer a larger printing area and are available in RFID FDX or non-RFID options
  • The tags can be printed on both sides. Up to twelve characters can be printed on the female and male portion of the tag
  • Laser printing guarantees bold and defined characters
  • Apply with the Z2 no tear tagger™. See our tagging instructions and videos
Easy to apply using the Z2 no tear tagger™. The unique double action snap back arm and flick out pin eliminates ripped ears.

Pedigree tags are available in a variety of 11 colours. RFID FDX Pedigree tags are currently available only in 5 colours: Yellow, White, Light Blue, Green and Orange.

Tag size: 85 mm long by 15 mm wide.

Both RFID FDX or non-RFID options can be customised with Laser printing with defiend and bold characters.


Application Guides

Z2 no tear tagger™ applying pedigree Tags

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