Z2 no tear tags™ - Two piece tags

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Superior retention. The Z2 no tear tags™ design and its flexible material ensures that the tag will not snag and pull out, or break off
  • Its free rotating design allows the tag to hang correctly to ensure better readability from the front and back of the animal's ear
  • Tamperproof and non-tamperproof (reusable) options are available.
  • Suitable for cattle, deer and sheep
  • Apply with Z2 no tear tagger™. See our tagging instructions and videos
  • See a size comparison chart

Z2 no tear tags™ are available in 14 colours*, and in four different sizes: maxi, large, medium and buttons.

Yellow, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Light Green, Dark Green, Salmon, Orange, Red, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Light Purple, Dark Purple, White and Black.

*Female Button tags are only available in Light Blue, Dark Green, Orange, Dark Pink, White and Yellow.

Z2 no tear tags™ are available in tamperproof and non-tamperproof options and can be custom printed with PureBlac and LaserBlack printing. PureBlac is not available on medium tags.

Application Guides

Z2 no tear tagger™ (two piece tagger)

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